Customization & flexibility are the two ideologies that the event industry swears by.

Giving fully customized, drop-of-a-hat quick, & flexible event planning & hosting options to clients has always been the driving force behind the success of every bigwig in the events industry.

So when the world took the virtual route owing to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, flexibility & customization became even more important than ever before.

Event Planners & organizers today are constantly looking for virtual event platforms that offer them the ability & the freedom to design & create the various aspects of their event themselves.

While customization offers a lot of flexibility & self-help to event planners in this regard, they remain a half-baked second choice to fully customizable & freeing Do-It-Yourself event platforms.

These DIY platforms…

Webinars & Virtual Events are the two terms most people have repeatedly heard for the major part of 2020, & continue to hear in 2021 as well.

If all signs pointing to an imminent future of virtual (& Hybrid) Events are to be believed, you’ll likely continue hearing both of these terms a lot.

But, are these the same thing? Do webinars & virtual events refer to the same type of virtual experience, or are there some differences?

While it seems like a benign topic to even bring forth for discussion, it’s also equally true & painful to admit that…

The term Hybrid Events & Hybrid Meetings/Conferences has been thrown around quite a lot in the past year or so.

What exactly do these terms mean, & what is the implication of Hybrid meetings?

In this article, we take a closer look at what exactly Hybrid Conferences/meetings are, & why every workplace/corporate/organization must prepare for those.

What are Hybrid Conferences?

A Hybrid Conference or meeting is referred to as a meeting wherein a few people join from a single physical location, while the other members join from various non-physical, remote locations.

Events are the unspoken life elixir of any brand, company, or organization. They help keep the financial incentives flowing in, spread the word about your brand/product/services, & get your organization on the front footing.

With 2020 however, as COVID-19 loomed large over the world, live, physical events could no longer be organized.

This theoretically brought the entire event industry to a standstill, with event managers & planners having to cancel most big-name events, seminars, & conferences.

This depression in the event industry didn’t last for long, however, as virtual events & virtual conferences gave the industry a new lease on…

With Virtual Events being a rage across all industries & sectors of public consumption, many Virtual Event platforms have come to the center stage of the event industry.

All of these Virtual Event platforms have come in the news for delivering exceptional & brilliant Virtual Events over the past year or so.

Almost all of them come with amazing features to provide clients with a seamless virtual event delivery experience, & attendees with an interactive, engaging Virtual Event experience.

In today’s landscape, with all of the options available, it can become hard as an event planner & organizer to zero in on a single virtual event platform that suits all your wants & needs.

Some platforms have better features than others, while some have lower operational latency. …

With the constant influx of Virtual Events across every industry, event planners & organizers are on a regular lookout for new ways to make Virtual Events more engaging & accessible to users.

One of the ways this can be done is through event apps.

Event apps are helpful in simplifying almost every aspect of a virtual event. Right from ticketing & registration, to networking, community engagement, reactions, feedback loops, & live chats, event apps make navigating a virtual event a whole lot easier.

To better understand how event apps are helpful, we have to understand the reasons people attend Virtual Events in the first place.

The two primary reasons are: to Absorb Content &, to network.

Event apps help virtual events attendees attend & gather useful information from relevant virtual event sessions, &…

It’s no surprise that Virtual Conferencing has taken over our lives as of late. Starting March 2020, almost half of the world has had some experience with attending, hosting, or planning a Virtual Conference.

Whether it’s that inter-team meeting to set the goals & KPIs straight for the coming months, or that board-of-directors meeting to discuss the state of the operations during remote working, Virtual Conferencing has been an integral part of our lives.

Considering the sheer number of people it has helped connect with each other & the kind of important, life-saving decisions that have been made via virtual…

For long, innovation has been at the heart of technology. It has been the lifeblood for many new technological innovations, & has lead to some of the greatest discoveries of all time.

Innovation is a need for almost every industry, especially more so for the event industry considering the volatile times being faced by it currently.

With the COVID-19 pandemic severely hitting all major & minor physical events, it looked like the event industry had come to a standstill.

But that didn’t last long, & very soon, many event agencies adapted to Virtual Events as a way to keep their…

The one thing that event planners, organizers, & other stakeholders in the event industry understand, is that Virtual Events are wildly successful. Not just that, but with every new Virtual Event that event agencies host, the success benchmark goes up even higher.

That’s undoubtedly good news, but a piece of news is good only as long as it keeps repeating itself.

With the unprecedented success of Virtual Events, event planners weren’t just content with reaping the rewards.

They were keen on understanding just what makes virtual events successful, some more so than others.

Because you see, taking apart the beautiful, somewhat mysterious virtual event machinery meant not only greater, deeper insights, but also ensured an algorithm for repeated success in the future.

As 2020 unfolded, a lot of virtual…

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the death sentence for many industries around the world. Travel & tourism, hospitality & lodging, accommodation & boarding, financial management, and of course, the event industry are all examples of sectors of the economy affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

The Event industry, in particular, witnessed mass event cancellations & postponements leading to a massive strandedness & stalling of the entire industry operations.

Despite the challenges & the unmistakable gloom, however, the event industry managed to not only remain afloat for the entire time but also figure out new ways to stay relevant to the current times.

The result of this constant innovation & drive to succeed came in the form of success stories ranging from uber-hit virtual events…

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