Are Virtual Event Apps helpful?

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5 min readMay 27, 2021

With the constant influx of Virtual Events across every industry, event planners & organizers are on a regular lookout for new ways to make Virtual Events more engaging & accessible to users.

One of the ways this can be done is through event apps.

Event apps are helpful in simplifying almost every aspect of a virtual event. Right from ticketing & registration, to networking, community engagement, reactions, feedback loops, & live chats, event apps make navigating a virtual event a whole lot easier.

To better understand how event apps are helpful, we have to understand the reasons people attend Virtual Events in the first place.

The two primary reasons are: to Absorb Content &, to network.

Event apps help virtual events attendees attend & gather useful information from relevant virtual event sessions, & also help them with networking by providing them with a variety of options & features.

A Virtual Event app should essentially, a) provide the audience with interesting, engaging content along with ways to interact with it through chats, live emoticons, & interactive avatars, & b) provide features to enable networking among the attendees via shared tables, conference rooms, intelligent AI matchmaking, lobbies, game zones, & fun AR & VR activities.

The best Virtual Event apps are the ones that give attendees & planners the tools & resources to strike a perfect balance between the two aspects of attending a Virtual Event.

A good Virtual Event app should be able to provide the attendees with rich engagement opportunities & important event content before, during, & after the event.

Features of Event apps:

Most event agencies let you effortlessly create white-labeled event apps for online events, live conferences, and virtual meetings. With these apps, you can engage your global audience online with live streaming, live polls, live QnA, personalized agenda, surveys & feedback, activity walls, group chat, networking, and a lot more!

Here are all the things you can do with event apps:

Personalize the attendee experience

  • Personal schedules: These make it easy and stress-free for your attendees to select sessions relevant to them & saves the planners’ time, which would have otherwise gone into providing personalized schedules for each attendee
  • Dynamic event guide: This helps you deliver time-sensitive and specialized content before, during, and after your event and give attendees the right information at the right time.
  • Notes: These let attendees take notes directly in the app and download those after the event
  • Interactive maps: These provide event maps and venue floorplans so your attendees will always know where to go for their respective sessions

Attendee networking at its finest

  • Contact exchange: These promote networking by offering attendees a way to share contact information safely and securely.
  • One-to-one messaging: These provide fast and easy attendee-to-attendee messaging that boasts privacy controls, quick searches, and message blocking.

Show value to event sponsors

  • Featured Sponsors: Event apps let you place important logos front and center
  • Banner ads: Let you rotate ads at the top of the screen and measure the clicks
  • Sponsor profiles: Let you display your sponsors in order of sponsorship level and track attendee engagement
  • Splash page: Let you showcase a sponsor to every attendee for five distraction-free seconds
  • Analytics: Let you track all the digital interactions between attendees and sponsors and provide an ROI of their sponsorship

Keep the event on track

  • Push notifications: This helps keep the attendees informed with important announcements and key news.
  • Instant updates: Event apps let you make last-minute changes in a snap, & add updates to the central control sync directly with the app on all attendees’ devices.
  • Appointments: Enables your attendees to make the most of their time by scheduling appointments with exhibitors, sponsors, or attendees before the event.

Prove ROI with event app metrics

  • 100+ metrics: This allows organizers to support your success by collecting data and providing a metrics dashboard with easy-to-read reports, graphs and charts you can use to illustrate your event’s impact on those goals.
  • Real-time attendee engagement: This lets you track, measure, and analyze attendee engagement in real-time to ensure your attendees are involved and sponsors are getting value from your event.

Data security & encryption in Event Apps:

Event apps need to have robust, efficient, & foolproof security systems to ensure that any data doesn’t leak out or land in unfamiliar hands.

To ensure this, most event agencies usually have the following features in-built in their event apps:

  • Password-protected events & session logins
  • Hidden/Restricted events that only allow entry to selected attendees
  • Password-protected features
  • Private attendee profiles that enable event organizers to cross-check their identities
  • Single sign-on (SAML 2.0)
  • Data encryption
  • Privacy policy and terms and conditions

Why should you use Virtual Event apps for your event?

Virtual Event apps greatly help you strike the right chord with your event attendees, whether through increased reach, wider accessibility, or easier interaction features.

When you use Virtual Event apps for your own virtual event, you open the door to a wide avenue of possibilities.

Some of the benefits of Virtual Event apps include:

  • Reaching a Wider Remote Audience — Your audience need not be restricted to in-person attendance. With event apps, you can reach your remote audience globally anywhere without compromising on engagement.
  • Reduced costs & Higher revenue — You can easily boost attendance at your event whilst not incurring higher venue costs. All you need is a good internet connection for the attendees to connect via your event app.
  • Health & Safety — You don’t need to cancel your event due to the Coronavirus pandemic, event apps let you smoothly transform your event into an enriched, seamless digital experience.

So, to sum it all up, it’s easily understood that Virtual Event apps are indeed very helpful for event planners & organizers.

They let them plan, design, & host their Virtual Events with ease, & also allow attendees to easily connect with each other & the hosts during the events.

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