The top 3 DIY Virtual Event Platforms of 2021

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6 min readJun 28, 2021

Customization & flexibility are the two ideologies that the event industry swears by.

Giving fully customized, drop-of-a-hat quick, & flexible event planning & hosting options to clients has always been the driving force behind the success of every bigwig in the events industry.

So when the world took the virtual route owing to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, flexibility & customization became even more important than ever before.

Event Planners & organizers today are constantly looking for virtual event platforms that offer them the ability & the freedom to design & create the various aspects of their event themselves.

While customization offers a lot of flexibility & self-help to event planners in this regard, they remain a half-baked second choice to fully customizable & freeing Do-It-Yourself event platforms.

These DIY platforms allow event planners to pick out certain pre-designed & preset event features for their event, & customize or place those according to their own, personal visions for the virtual event.

Certain DIY Virtual Event Platforms also allow event planners to provide a blueprint of their event vision to them, based on which the platforms can develop a fully personalized Virtual experience for them!

DIY event platforms allow the much-needed flexibility, freedom, lack of latency, & ease-of-operation to event planners & organizers, a checklist that not even the best non-DIY event platforms can fulfill at times.

However, even though it is clear that for virtual events to be ultimately successful, creative freedom & customizability is a must, not every virtual event platform out there has adopted the DIY route as of yet.

Hence, if you’re looking for an efficient, quick, & versatile DIY Virtual Event Platform for your own virtual/hybrid events, then this article might just be a perfect read for you.

Below, we tell you about the top 3 DIY Virtual Event Platforms of the year 2021, & what exactly do each of these offers!

  1. Parcy

Parcy makes it easy for you to deliver customized virtual events your attendees will love, including registration and live streaming pages, breakout rooms, and personalized event communications.

Parcy helps you make your Virtual & Hybrid events spectacular, personalized, & riveting for your attendees.

With Parcy’s customizable DIY event solutions, you get to treat your event attendees like VIPs with personalized event content, according to their specific needs & likes.

With advanced customization options, you can personalize event pages, emails, and live streaming pages to give your attendees a personalized touch. Keep them engaged throughout your event with interactive tools and peer networking features.

Parcy’s DIY event solutions let you plan virtual & hybrid event experiences that your audience are sure to love.

Event planners have the option to embed their live streams into a space fully customized to a T.

You can embed Parcy’s live streaming tool into a personalized event page that can easily be customized with a simple drag-and-drop interface,

You can also make the event page public & restrict the access to only those registered users who plan to attend the event.

With Parcy, you can:

  • Help your attendees become active participants in your events with interactive features such as Q&A, Group Chat, and Polls.
  • Keep track of every check-in with advanced access control features, only you can decide who can attend your event. Set up access permissions and receive real-time reports on participants to keep track of every check-in.
  • Say goodbye to standard event webpages and emails. Parcy allows you to create impressive, customized event pages based on your attendees’ information.

Event Planners can also use Parcy to:

-Create personalized emails and event pages.

-Make attendees feel unique with personalized communication.

-Provide attendees with personalized information based on their needs.

In terms of attendee management, Parcy’s interactive lists assign a status to every attendee that changes in real-time according to the attendee’s actions.

With Parcy, event planners can capture more accurate and detailed information with customized forms and use that insight to send targeted communications to attendees.

With Parcy, it’s also quite easy to collaborate with your team and contractors by assigning tasks and keeping track of every detail of your events in a single, easy-to-use platform.

Whether it is virtual panels, virtual team meetings, virtual product launches, or webinars that you’re planning to organize, Parcy makes it oh-so-easy for you with its highly flexible, customizable DIY event platform.

2. Event Ready

Event Ready is a full-service event registration & management platform for large as well as medium-sized events.

Event Ready understands that these companies sometimes need specific customized tools & features that fulfill certain special processes.

Whatever your unique event needs are, Event Ready fulfills them all with a bang.

With Event Ready, you can avail:

  • Event Registration: Event Ready helps you take the frustration out of event registration.
  • Management Software: Simple back-end tools provide you with everything you need to run an effective event.
  • Integration Services: EventReady provides you with custom integration solutions that work with CRM’s, accounting systems, and membership databases.
  • Onsite Registration: Event Ready provides you with Customized badge printing solutions, attendee check-in and tracking, self-check-in, kiosks, and RFID.
  • Site Selection: Event Ready’s solutions help you research, evaluate, and present the ideal venue for your next event.
  • Lead Retrieval: Create ROI for exhibitors at no cost for event organizers. No event is too large or too small.

Event Ready’s fully customizable, flexible, & DIY suite of event services lets you plan & cost-effectively manage your virtual event.

They offer flexible license & support packages and offer unlimited user accounts within our self-service tools.

With Event Ready’s event registration services, you get:

  • Branded, mobile-ready website
  • Attendee & Exhibitor Registration
  • Secure payment processing
  • Email tools
  • 24/7 real-time, exportable reporting
  • Evaluations & Surveys
  • Housing Management
  • Budget Tool

And with Event Ready’s event management services, you get:

  • Accreditation & Certificates
  • Speaker Management
  • Call for Papers/Submissions
  • Exhibitor Buy a booth/Interactive floorplan
  • Room management & BEO’s
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Integrated mobile show app

3. Platoo

Platoo is India’s very first Do-It-Yourself virtual event platform.

Its powerful & feature-filled dashboard allows event organizers to create & build their own virtual events in less than 2 hours time.

Its features include:

  • 3D environments
  • Chat, Polls & Q&A
  • Dynamic Agenda
  • Networking zone
  • Private meeting rooms
  • Real time notifications
  • Shared experiences
  • Voice & video call
  • Easy navigation & expandable menu
  • Inbuilt analytics dashboard
  • Build 5 events at a time
  • And many more features

What’smore, Platoo can handle upto 50,000 requests per second with load time less than 10 seconds. To test, check your Load Testing Reports before your event.

With the flexibility to build your event with your own vision, you have the ability to get so much more out of it, & also build credibility for your brand & other marketing activities.

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