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10 min readMay 31, 2021

With Virtual Events being a rage across all industries & sectors of public consumption, many Virtual Event platforms have come to the center stage of the event industry.

All of these Virtual Event platforms have come in the news for delivering exceptional & brilliant Virtual Events over the past year or so.

Almost all of them come with amazing features to provide clients with a seamless virtual event delivery experience, & attendees with an interactive, engaging Virtual Event experience.

In today’s landscape, with all of the options available, it can become hard as an event planner & organizer to zero in on a single virtual event platform that suits all your wants & needs.

Some platforms have better features than others, while some have lower operational latency. Yet some others may have a consistent record for delivering outstanding virtual events, while some others may be very affordable.

You can see how someone not very experienced in the world of virtual events can easily get lost in the sea of virtual event platforms.

However, once you do find a virtual event platform you think is right for your needs, there still might be a lot of irregularities or features that you never really thought about before.

Take for example, Virtual Event apps, which we talked about at length in a previous blog post. There, we discussed the usefulness & relevancy of virtual event apps for both organizers & audiences attending the virtual event.

Even after you have succeeded in designing & executing a flawless Virtual Event, you still might be missing out on a lot of organic attendee engagement & audience reach, simply by virtue of not having a virtual event app.

Hence, having a virtual event app to control various aspects of your virtual event, along with providing your attendees with an engaging, interactive Virtual Event experience, is of the utmost importance, even without you fully realizing it.

This is why, we have compiled a thorough list of the top 5 virtual event platforms in 2021, along with their virtual event apps.

Read below to find out more!

  1. Cvent

Event industry veterans know Cvent as a Virtual Event Platform that provides you with utterly brilliant, well-designed, outstanding Virtual Events. The company prides itself on delivering simply amazing virtual & hybrid events, & repeatedly exceeding its client’s expectations in terms of delivery timelines & end-products.

One thing that almost all businesses say about Cvent, is the ease with which it helps them transform their physical, in-person event briefs into virtual ones.

With Cvent, event organizers can:

  • Get the most out of your events: Cvent lets you Maximize the revenue potential of your event program while simplifying the management of each stage of the event lifecycle.
  • Bring your event vision to life: Successful events happen when everyone is on the same page. Cvent Exchange brings planners and venues together to collaborate on key event decisions.
  • Transform your group business: Tap into the world’s largest sourcing network. Leverage best-in-class hotel management technology to win RFPs and streamline operations.

Cvent brands itself as a complete event management platform for all of your event needs & requirements.

Cvent provides easy-to-use, integrated technology solutions to maximize the impact of meetings and events of all sizes. We help organizations plan and market events, execute onsite, engage audiences, and measure and analyze results.

With Cvent you will be able to:

  • Plan your event with ease & simplicity
  • Increase your virtual event’s reach & attendance
  • Ensure the overall success of your virtual event

Their clients include big names like Siemens, Olympus, Kaiser Permanente, bbyo, FIS, among many, many more.

Cvent also has an extremely adept, highly efficient event app that allows planners & organizers to easily plan, design, manage, & run their Virtual Events from their smart devices.

This event app helps organizers have clarity in their visions for their virtual event, & streamlines the entire event planning, designing, & execution process.

Not just that, Cvent’s event app is also helpful for attendees to be able to better interact with the virtual event & showcase their emotions & feelings about the event more freely.

2. Eventtia

Eventtia makes virtual event planning & management simple for their clients. Eventtia helps you provide an integrated, highly enriched Virtual Event experience for your attendees.

At the heart of their event services, lie the ease with which they help their clients plan & design virtual events, even if they have never done it before.

Their high-performing Virtual Event platform comes with a slew of interesting features. These include:

  • Immediate access to the Virtual Stage: Eventtia’s Virtual Event platform makes attendance easy & hassle-free for event organizers to manage.
  • B2B matchmaking & networking: You can ensure high-quality networking & matchmaking abilities with Eventtia’s Virtual Event platform.
  • Unique solutions for online experiences: With Eventtia, you can create a wide range of virtual experiences & activities for your attendees.
  • Increased interactivity & attendee engagement: Eventtia helps you grab & maintain the attention of your audience with a variety of interactive, engaging tools & features.

Eventtia is an easy, simple-to-use Virtual Events platform built to provide ease of Virtual Event planning to you & your team of event organizers.

With Eventtia’s event management app, you can easily upgrade your virtual event experience that helps you streamline the entire event planning & hosting process.

The app also gives your attendees a way to interact with your event freely, without any third parties in the way.

Eventtia, like all the other virtual event platforms listed in this article, believe in the HubSpot study that concluded that 61% of people report having a better event experience when they have a mobile app for the same.

With Eventtia’s mobile app, you will be able to:

  • Make a long-lasting impression on your guests: With Eventtia’s event app, offer your guests a beautiful event mobile app that you can fully personalize and adjust to their needs and interests.
  • Help attendees feel comfortable at your event: The thing that your attendees will love most about Eventtia’s event app is the access to a wide range of tools and features that will make their experience richer and more enjoyable.
  • Decide the personality of your event: With Eventtia’s event app, you can easily build your event app identity and gain more exposure by using the branding option you’re offered.

With Eventtia’s event app, you’ll get features including:

  • Progressive app functioning
  • Personalized agendas
  • SMS notifications
  • Chat & Live polls
  • Surveys
  • Multi Speakers

A lot of industry big names have trusted Eventtia with their Virtual Events. These include Red Bull, Endeavour, World Humanitarian Forum, Select USA, Kaspersky, & many more.

3. Canapii

Canapii believes in empowering audience engagement with virtual events.

Canapii is an online event management platform that provides organizers with unique tools and solutions to host all types of events.

Whether it is a small online workshop or a large-scale conference, Canapii makes it simple for you to replicate in-person events and deliver holistic virtual experiences.

With Canapii, you’ll be able to:

  • Host events of any kind, irrespective of the size
  • Integrated registration & ticketing system
  • Facilitate networking & connections before, during, & after the event
  • Easy access to post-event analytics & data

Canapii’s virtual event platform helps your attendees participate in diverse, seamless interactions around the globe.

The virtual event platform helps bring the world within reach so that you can bridge new connections by hosting truly interactive & inclusive virtual events with participants from all across the globe.

Canapii’s Virtual Events are best known for providing the intimate, warm feeling of live, in-person events.

With Canapii’s Virtual Event platform, you can:

  • Enable AI translation for all of your sessions
  • Book one-to-one or one-to-many meetings
  • Chat & share stories with other attendees, & enable them to do so
  • Integrate all the above-mentioned features with your own personalized agenda

The Canapii mobile app for virtual & hybrid event applications practically started it all. With an advanced understanding of how virtual experiences are driven by simple, user-friendly tools & features, the Canapii event app comes with a range of high-end, easy-to-use features, ready to be deployed for any kind of event you need to design.

With Canapii’s event app, you will get:

  • Easy, fool-proof registrations
  • Live stream your events & make on-demand content available for your audience
  • Live translation to any language
  • Gamification features
  • Polls & survey features
  • Live Q&As
  • Interactive agenda builder
  • Integrated video conferencing
  • Live chat options
  • Breakout Rooms

Canapii’s Virtual Event Platforms & app has been used by many esteemed companies including APC, BMG, canalys, EATON, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Juniper Networks, & Tech Data, among others.

4. Socio

Socio is a Virtual Event Platforms designed to power virtual & hybrid event success.

Social provides event planners & organizers with end-to-end event management features for live-streaming, attendee engagement, sponsorship, 1:1 networking, & advanced analytics.

With Socio, you can plan & host interactive & engaging Virtual & Hybrid Events with ease & simplicity. Socio helps you produce high-value virtual & hybrid events with a simple, all-in-one solution.

Socio’s Virtual event platform comes with just the features needed to give you the edge on planning & hosting successful Virtual & Hybrid events. These include:

  • Flexible Streaming: Use Socio’s native streaming to level up production value with custom banners, logos, overlays, and backgrounds, or broadcast your preferred streaming solution using an integration or the Socio RTMP Player.
  • Single Platform: From event registration to attendee engagement, sponsorship, and post-event follow-up, power virtual, hybrid, and in-person events from a single, branded event management platform.
  • Best-In-Class support: Industry-leading support is always close by — 24/5. Need extra support? Socio’s Professional Services Team will help you plan, prep, and launch your event.

With Socio’s Virtual Event platform, you get to showcase your event in all of its glory with its fully customizable event platform. Add your colors, logos, and icons, and watch as they render beautifully across mobile and desktop devices. Powerful engagement tools like push notifications and gamification help keep your audience engaged, while key sponsorship offerings ensure your vendors are always front and center, and only a tap away.

You can also measure exactly how does your Virtual/Hybrid event fare in terms of ROIs & other engagement metrics with Socio’s Virtual Event platform. From high-level attendee engagement analytics to drill down sponsor ROI metrics, Socio’s Data Dashboard gives you 360-degree insights to see what’s working (and what’s not) in real-time.

Socio has a multi-purpose event app that can be bundled with a supplementary Lead Retrieval app and Live Display platform.

Socio’s event app consists of both a container version and a fully branded, white-label option. The container app comes at a lower price point, but the white-label app allows for greater customization.

The container app and the white-label version offer an interactive agenda, advanced networking features, event gamification, and the capacity for push notifications.

Socio’s Virtual Event platforms have been trusted by a variety of blue-chip companies, including Microsoft, Google, greenhouse, USDA, Stanford University, Greenpeace, Elanco, & many more.

5. Nunify

The Nunify hybrid events platform seamlessly integrates two kinds of virtual event audiences — live in-person, and virtual.

With Nunify’s help, you can deliver a premium, custom-branded event experience to your attendees.

You also have the flexibility to broadcast your content across all channels — physical venue, social, web, and mobile.

A good Hybrid Event has a powerful and engaging event app at its core.

Nunify’s event app builder has so far powered 2500+ branded event apps with over a billion interactions across all.

The event app comes with integrated features like registrations, onsite check-ins, and virtual events management.

It provides a completely hassle-free experience to your attendees & helps them transition from a pre-event virtual experience to at-venue physical interactions, flawlessly & with ease.

The primary features of Nunify’s Event App are:

  • Event Wall to upload audio, video, & photos of the event
  • Gamification with leaderboard, badges, & other merits of accomplishment
  • Video meetings with attendees & organizers
  • Enhanced & efficient networking features including AI-powered matchmaking
  • An integrated check-in experience with lead scans

Nunify’s Event app also lets you build audience communities throughout the year, not just at event times.

It also helps you get in-depth, detailed analytics of your event, thus helping you understand the exact scope of your event & its impact on the attendees.

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