Top 5 extremely successful Virtual Events in 2020

Pretty soon, the tech industry figured out that the solution to the stagnation in the event world was Virtual Events.

Not one to just stay on the down low, Qualtrics decided to make up for the lost time with a series of Virtual Events called ‘WorkDifferent’.

Some of the topics covered included “How Brands Can Find Their Way Without Losing Their Way”, & “Keeping Your Wheels Spinning While The World Is At A Standstill”.

Event planners & organizers can also learn how to turn around inevitable setbacks & challenges and make them into power points.

Only this year, none of those who attended had to leave their homes.

The company had divided the event into 4 distinct channels: the Innovation channel, the Possibilities channel, the IT heroes channel, & the IT leadership channel.

In 2020, Microsoft took its annual developers’ conference, & transformed it into a two-day virtual event that consisted of over 600 sessions.

Their desire to hold the attention of this community of developers explained why the company decided to hold the Virtual Event at the same dates it had previously planned to host the actual developers' conference in Seattle.

However, when 2020 rolled around, the company switched up its live, in-person style to a Virtual, engaging one.

On top of that, HMG Strategy has built a brand around planning & executing the finest Virtual Events of all time.

Gainsight not only offered the participants a chance to participate in the two-day event virtually but also made all the content available on-demand for free.

The secret to doing this is what the company explained in a blog post as reimagining the entire event from a Virtual standpoint, & starting from scratch with a “beginner’s mindset”.



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