What is the difference between Virtual Events & Webinars?

Most people consider webinars & virtual events to be interchangeable, or virtual experiences of the same kind.

This, however, is as far from the truth as possible.

A webinar is essentially a seminar, that’s taking place via the web. Hence, the name, Webinar, an amalgamation of the terms web & seminar.

Typically, most webinars have interactive presentation features that help the speaker deliver a quality presentation to the attendees, examples of which include fun clip art, 3D models, interactive AV tools, & features incorporating AR & VR in varying degrees.

Most webinar platforms are also equipped with attendee engagement & feedback features, like the live chat option, where the attendees can network & chat among themselves, & live emoticon features, where they can give their feedback on the session in real-time.

Most governments around the world have also used webinars in recent months as an effective way to get in touch with people about following COVID-19 guidelines & how they can get vaccinated.

In direct contrast to webinars, virtual events solely rely on providing an immersive, real-world, digital experience to their attendees, made possible through the effective use of the right technological tools available.

Both webinars & virtual events are unique in their own ways, & certainly not interchangeable. At least, not under every condition.

A Virtual Event can incorporate webinar(s) in its agenda in certain specific cases, along with giving you a lot more to look forward to.

But the reverse is seldom true.



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